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zurubu.com: Marigolds can save lives in Africa...
Posted in: News | by News Team | 2017 Jul 22
Marigold Flowers
The inspiration for this article came about after hearing that a friend of mine in Africa contracted Malaria. I remembered hearing about plants that repel mosquitoes which is the main culprit in spreading Malaria. So, I decided to take action and help spread the word out. You can help by sending Marigold seeds to parts of the world that are effected by outbreaks of Malaria.

The Marigold is a sun loving annual plant. Besides mosquitoes, this one can also repel aphids. It can be an exceptional companion plant for the vegetable garden. Marigold plants are very easy to maintain. You don't need a lot of care to keep them healthy and flourishing.

This is a border plant that offers the simplicity to collect seeds for next year's planting. Due to this, Marigold is an excellent addition. However, you should never rub this plant on your skin.

Marigolds Naturally Repel Mosquitoes
By growing these flowers in your yard, you can be assured that mosquitoes will leave you alone and you'll be helping out your local bees, too. They need all the help they can get. Sadly, it's not easy being a bee these days. Bees are relatively fragile when it comes to pesticide exposure. If you're helping out bees, you should feel good about it. They play a crucial role in the ecosystem. They are so important that biologists often refer to them as a keystone species. So by helping them out, you can feel like you're doing the planet a favor.

Other Mosquito Repelling Options
Marigolds are probably the easiest to grow, but if you want to cultivate a variety of plants that repel mosquitoes, consider some of the following:
Ageratum -- Asters -- Basil -- Bee balm -- Beauty Berry -- Cadaga tree -- Catmint -- Catnip -- Cedars -- Citronella Grass -- Chrysanthemums -- Clove -- Eucalyptus -- Garlic -- Geranium (repels ticks) -- Horsemint -- Lavender (also repels ticks, moths, mice, black flies and fleas) -- Lemon Balm -- Lemon Grass (repels ticks) -- Lemon Thyme -- Lemon Verbena -- Mint -- Nodding Onion -- Peppermint -- Penny Royal -- Pineapple weed -- Pitcher Plant -- Pyrethrum daisies -- Rosemary -- Stone root -- Snowbrush -- Sweet Fern -- Tansy -- Tea Tree -- Vanilla Leaf -- Vetiver Grass -- Wild Bergamot -- Wormwood

If you would like to make a difference and help prevent people from getting Malaria. You can do two things.

1 Share this page on Facebook.
2 Help me send Marigold seeds to Uganda

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There are other plants that repel mosquitoes
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