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zurubu.com: Pharisees and Democrats
Posted in: News | by Brian | 2019 Aug 08
More than 2000 years ago there was a group of temple leaders called Pharisees who had a nice thing going, but it was not based on any teaching of God. When Jesus pointed out what the true gospel was, the Pharisees wanted to eliminate Jesus at all costs. They had an illegal trial and false witnesses. Made public outcries to crucify him and had him put to death.

Today, the pharisees are the Democrats and anyone who stands in their way is EVIL and must be EXTERMINATED! They are going after Christians and babies and telling so many lies that it is hard to keep score anymore. And the press is having a feeding frenzy like sharks with blood in the water. They are not after truth anymore, but after keeping a story going as long as possible, because that is how they make their 30 pieces of silver... Remember this when it comes time to pull the lever.

Please follow the Bible references below for more on this subject.
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