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zurubu.com: A trip of a lifetime...
Posted in: News | by Brian Taylor | 2015 Aug 17
I remember a day when I went out with my mom. For some reason, I was going to Staples. There was no empty parking spots close to the store, so we parked more than 100 feet away from the door. I started on my way towards the store when I saw a cute girl walking towards me. I had my eyes fixed on her as we kept getting closer and closer. Just as we were close enough to speak, I tripped over a curb and fell right at her feet.

Well, that was a day I will never forget. I feel that it was by Devine providence that a curb was between us. It was because of that curb tripping me that I got to have more than just a passing 'hello!'.. I actually got to have a real conversation..

Thank God for the little things that trip us now and then, because some day I am gonna trip at someone's feet who won't let the moment get away..

Now to get out my Buster Keton handbook of pratt falls. Where is the chapter on falling at girls feet in the Staples parking lot?

Ps. If anyone out there ever heard a girl telling her side of this story, please tell her I'm still looking for her.. She was also there with her mom. She was a doctor at the time we met...about 5 years ago..

Girls, if someone falls for you in the Staples parking lot, don't look a gift horse in the mouth, just dust him off, then make an emergency call your mom to tell her 'I found him!'
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